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The Nextant 400XTi, produced by Nextant Aerospace, is a new protagonist in the Light Jet scenario, a real leader in matter of performance, comfort and innovation, an aeroplane among the fastest of the private jet category. The Nextant 400XTi comes from the full re-styling of the Beechjet 400A, but with the addition of several improvements both in terms of aerodynamics and use of the latest generation engines. Its performances are excellent during the flight; indeed, it can offer an almost intercontinental rage (2.003 NM/3.710 km). The internal cabin is projected ergonomically, it offers more space with 6/8 seats and low noisiness which make it one of the quietest of the category. It disposes of innovative communication and management systems, sophisticated LED lights, multimedia devices for the entertainment, internet connection and satellite phone.

Technical specifications
Bagagge capacity8 to 6 soft side bags
Speed447 Kts
Range3.710 km
Cabin width1,52 mt.
Cabin height1,46 mt.

Nextant 400XTi