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The Honda HA-420 HondaJet, is the first aircraft created by Honda Motor Company. This light business jet is developed and assembled in Greensboro (North Carolina), in the United States. On 29 th October 2012, Honda officialised the starting of the HondaJet production. The first example ever produced debuts in 2014 at EAA Airventure Airshow and the first deliveries followed soon after. By assembling the engines on the wing and applying other innovations, HondaJet overcomes all the other aircraft of its class. Honda declares that the combination of lighter materials, aerodynamics and engines efficiency, makes the HondaJet to consume up to 20% less than its competitors. It climbs and cruises faster, rises higher, offers more space and less noise and consumes less fuel. The Honda Aircraft Company received a prize from AIAA Foundation Award for Excellence in 2018.

Technical specifications
Bagagge capacity4 to 6 large bags
Speed422 Kts
Range2.661 Km
Cabin width1,47 mt.
Cabin height1,52mt.

Honda Jet