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The Hawker XP aircraft, in the category of business aeroplanes, is absolutely one of the safest and most reliable. Moreover, it is the most sold in the world, indeed, more than 800 are flying and 600 every year are assembled in Wichita (Kansas, US). The Hawker 800XP is very comfortable and it is provided with toilette on board. It has two screens with DVD source and it is possible to listen to CDs during long trips. The Hawker 800XP is very versatile: it can land at Sienna airport, where the runway is only 1.200 meters long; it can depart with a full tank and 8 passengers on board and reach Sharm El Sheik in 4 hours; with a technical stop it can reach Nairobi or Recife, Canada or India. The airplane is equipped with weather radar of the latest generation and thanks to its two powerful TFE 731, it can fly during storms (instead of the turbo prop) and can reach 12.500 meters in only 22 minutes with a full load.

Technical specifications
Bagagge capacity4 to 5 large bags
SpeedMach 0.80
Range4.700 km
Cabin width1,80 mt.
Cabin height1,77 mt.

Hawker 800XP